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Auto Detailing Packages and Pricing
Carfax Integration

Sports Car Interior

Extreme Clarity INTERIOR

Packages Start

$50 Car

$60 SUV/Minivan

$70 Truck

  • Interior vacuum

  • All vinyl's wiped down

  • Center console wiped down

  • Windows cleaned

  • Trunk Vacuum

Extreme Clarity EXTERIOR

Packages Start

$45 Car

$55 SUV/Minivan

$65 Truck

  • Hand wash

  • Wheels and tires cleaned and dressed

  • Door jams cleaned

  • Air blown dry

  • Windows cleaned

  • Spray protectant applied

Max Clarity INTERIOR

Packages Start

$150 Car 

$160 SUV

$170 Minivan

$180 Truck

  • Clean door jams

  • Floors Scrubbed and extracted

  • Floor mats scrubbed and Extracted

  • Clean air vents

  • Headliner cleaned 

  • Inside windows leaned

  • Leather and vinyl seats scrubbed clean

  • Clean door panels

  • Leather conditioner applied for leather seats

Max Clarity EXTERIOR

Packages Start

$130 Car

$140 SUV

$150 Minivan

$160 Truck

  • Foam bath and hand washed

  • Towel dry and air blown dry 

  • Outside plastics dressed

  • Wheels, inside wheel barrel cleaned, tires cleaned and dressed

  • Windows cleaned

  • Clay bar (removing above surface bonded contaminant)

  • Iron removal on paint

  • Iron removal on wheel and tires

  • Paint protection applied

You can count on MAX CLARITY DETAILING to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. We guarantee you will be happy with your detail service and results.

Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you would like more information about a specific offering such as a one-step paint correction for the removal of minor scratches and swirls. Please call for estimates on paint correction and ceramic coatings

Gift Cards Are Available For Purchase

Ceramic Coatings
Ceramic Coatings
Ceramic Coatings

Additional Offerings

Please call for Estimate 

  • Ceramic Coatings 1yr 3 yr 5yr

  • Paint Correction 

  • Window Polishing

  • Trim Touch up

  • Odor Removal

  • Spot and Stain Removal

  • Water Spot Removal

  • Headlight Restoration

Have you seen these types of marks on your car? We can help to remove them through a paint correction system. We will come to you inspect your car and give you an evaluation and an estimated cost of how can remove them to bring back the shine and gloss to your car. 

Cob web or Spider Swirls


These are instilled through normal wear and tear, improper washing and drying techniques. We can remove those for you and give you back the shine and gloss your car needs.

Etched in Water Spots


These water spots are instilled from mineral or dirt deposits laying on the surface of your paint. Water that has been left to dry on the surface. These can occur from a sprinkler or even inclement weather. 

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